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At Dragon health and Fitness we will get you fit, tone up and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

Paul ‘the Dragon’ Le has been training people since 1999.

He has worked and trained with the best fighters in Australia, Asia and the best Pt’s in the world like Donal Carr. Whom is one of the highest & most knowledgeable Personal Trainer in the World.the Dragon currently back in shape

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At Dragon Health and Fitness we teach people how to box or punch correctly. For example, you don’t hit through the pads you hit at the pad and pull your hand back as quick as you can. ‘What you throw out you must pull back twice as fast.’

You must punch with your hip turned and your heel lifted for maximum accelaration.Special K v the Dragonthe Dragon at his peak 2003

best kickboxing melbourne

the Dragon fought everyone in Australia in kickboxing and won.

So he had to move to Muaythai to fight internationally.

dominated in K1.

Was crowned the Dragon with the Super Samoan Mark Hunt UFC & K1 superstarAnge G.+Mike Cope my corner guys@ K1 melb.King of the Welterweights.


paul 'the Dragon' Le

paul ‘the Dragon’ Le



fighting with World Championvietnam2009 114


To correctly punch in boxing you must flick your punches out and focus on hitting at the Target and not hit through the target. So you must focus on pulling your punches back twice as fast as what you have thrown your punch outwards.

Therefore, you are actually flicking your punch/es out.

Swiftness is the key to boxing. Whether it is your hand or your feet you always be fast and balanced.

Stay tuned for more tips.


Morning training

training in the morning gets you fit fast as your hormones are at it’s highest levels….!

1pm lunchtime boxing Mon-Thursday 1hour workout

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